Frequently Asked Questions


You are a unique individual and will progress at your own pace. We equip you with best tools that are aimed at the best results however. Your health conditions, Age, Activity factors, etc play a role in determining the results. No two individuals progress alike.
KETO, IF , low carb most of the diet plans are NOT SUSTAINABLE and last for few weeks and the weight loss occurred is mostly from glycogen stores(water levels) in the body. We believe in Sustainability over intensity. We give you balanced and constructive meal plans based on food choices you like so dieting is never felt a burden. We also coach you every day on challenges including food cravings, stress, sleep and every possible challenge you can imagine in your journey.
Our clinical Dieticians prescribe foods that improve your health condition and remove foods that will impact your health conditions. Your condition is also discussed with a physician.
At Crunches, We follow principles laid out by International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) tried and tested on elite Athletes globally . Athletes in sports eat for performance, their bodies are conditioned to improve muscle mass and trim body fat .
Many people try at least 5-7 different diets in their lifetime and they cannot stick to one beyond couple of weeks because they are not sustainable. People DONT NEED Diet plans or workout plans . They need more of day to day support to address their challenges. You will have festivals coming up, you may be travelling , you may have muscle soreness , you may feel like eating a cake - We coach you with real solutions for realtime problems.
Unfortunately may not people risk their life with Fat Burners , Appetite suppressants , Cravings Suppressant , and many dangerous drugs (Dark room secrets ) which they don’t advertise on Instagram on what they do or how many doctor visit they make weekly. We only advocate healthy eating habits and sustainable practices.
All we need is your Body Composition Analysis ( BCA) . you can get a Scale as it will help your family and friends get their Body Composition to determine their health risks and progress. Just search for “Body Fat Scale” or “Body Analyser scale” or “Smart Scale” . You can also get it done from VLCC centres or reputed gyms .
You need a Kitchen weighing scale / Food measuring scale you can buy online. A resistance Tube or a pair of Dumbells at home for your exercise.


while you can still lose weight on a calorie deficit meal plan without working out, there will be a great deal of weight loss from lean mass (muscle loss) .
Even when you travel you eat random foods for your survival. Unless emergency most of the travel plans dose not come crashing . A little planning will help you be on your goals. We work with you and send you infographics on foods you can pick on the go.
Yes, absolutely. We understand you may not get customised menu. we tailor the foods based on what’s given at your office canteen or Hostel.
Supplements are not mandatory. They are never a Replacement for whole foods, they can compliment your wholesome nutrition in filling gaps.
Yes 100%. We consider your lifestyle , sentiments , choices and tastes in making a meal plan. We give you a pure veg meal plan , pure non veg meal plan and in case there is a religious celebration which prevents you to cook non-vegetarian foods, we will also change your meal plans. It means, we give you what works for you , Nothing is Mandatory!!
You are free to chose any A) Whole grain on this planet for breakfast , Lunch and Dinner (Rice , Wheat, Millets, Etc )- Carbohydrate Sources B) Lentils, Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Whey protein, Shrimp, Etc -Protein Sources C) Ghee, Olive oil , Canola , Etc - Fat sources
No, It is important for you to Get your Body composition checked every month and eat precise calories as per changing Body composition. You don’t get desired results if you eat same calories at 100 Kgs body weight and 85 KG’s body weight . Chances are large you lose Lean muscle mass weight also slowed down results.
No two people look alike, do the same work or have a same lifestyle. No two people should eat alike. Your calories are planned based on your Body composition and Activity level. Your friends meal plan may not yield results, be a sustainable meal plan for you.
We don’t follow Fad or Fancy practices. You eat like an Athlete and train like one with us. Your meal plan is given based on your food choices and your body composition.


Its not mandatory. You are free to Chose playing Sport, Home workouts or a gym subscription if you are interested in buying one.
While you can do Body weight exercise free of additional weights and equipment, Its desirable to have a pair of dumbbells or resistance tube.
No, you don’t need a personal trainer. We will Audio video demonstrate all your workouts with detailed instructions. We will also do a video call the day we kick start the program explaining you safe bio-mechanics, Your sets, weight selection and reps and rest intervals. Basically all the information you need to keep going.
Yes. Exercise revs up your Metabolism , Improves your muscle mass , increase bone mineral density. Roughly 7000 calories equals 1 KG fat loss . Pick an exercise of your choice or play a sport.
We discuss your goals and craft your workouts based on your goals . If you have specific goals like building strength, endurance, agility, flexibility or speed & explosiveness or to improve your sport performance. We point you in the right direction with exercise prescription.


Once you commit to the program we do not place a hold. We request you to make a careful decision.
We don’t have a refund policy. We are so confident in our coaching platform and practices that a need for refund may not arise.
Unfortunately we put substantial efforts into making your meal plan, discussing your goals and pull in competent resources to work on a plan which makes it difficult to transfer the service. The service is non-Transferable .
As of now we do not run sales or promotions and mostly we don’t plan to run any offers. We want people to find our company by value . But if things change we will surely make an announcement.
Given the nature of service, we do not split the fee on a monthly basis. As of now We only offer services quarterly.
You can simply use our website for payments . We accept all International cards .